Please Call Anytime for questions or concerns.

The Office number is: 703-398-7026


We have quit using a fax machine.

The office email to the Managing Appraiser is: appraisal@appraisehomes.US


Normal Business hours are from 9 to 6 Monday through Friday.


Appraisal inspections are conducted during these times, and for special circumstances on Saturday at an extra fee.


From over 25 years in the industry we have seen different cycles of the market come and go. We try to provide every one with a quick 72 hour turn around from the day of the appraisal inspection. This does not include weekend time or holidays. As such, it is a good idea to include all telephone numbers possible to contact the person responsible for access to the property. Home number, cell number, work number, all numbers, and that way there will be less lag time between when the report is ordered and when the inspection can be scheduled.

Please check the fee schedule for other changes.


PLEASE NOTE: Fees are due the day of the inspection, unless you have a written agreement on file with us in the appraisal office.

Thank You,

Your Business is Greatly Appreciated!

Roger T. Easterling

Managing Appraiser









If you wish to pay by credit card or paypal, call Mr. Easterling direct at 703-398-7026.

Only one submission attempt per appraisal.

Fee for using credit card is $25 added onto the appraisal fee.

This means if there is no funds available on the card or paypal;

your appraisal invoice amount will increase by $50.

After submission, fees may only be paid by

a local check, certified funds, or cash.