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Report Request (FNMA1004B) Summary Appr.____ 704 Drive By ___ Other _______


Name of Client Ordering Report___________________________________________




Telephone __________________________ FAX _____________________________


Ordered by ___________________________ Direct phone # ________________


Loan Officer ________________________ Processor _________________________


Borrower ____________________________________________________________


Property Address ______________________________________________________




Delivery by email address _______________________________________________


FHA Case #: ___________________________________ Conventional ___________

include pud approval printout and case number assignment printout


Sales Price ______________ Contract Date __________ Loan Amt ______________


Estimated Date of Settlement: __________________ Seller Subsidy: _____________


Home Owners Assoc/Condo Assoc/Mngmnt Co Telephone # ____________________

(FHA guidelines specify lender to supply HOA info, call for form)


Estimated Value (if refinance) _______________________ LTV ________________


Is Verbal Value Requested? ______ Yes ______ No


Operating Income Statement Requested?_____ Yes _____ No (FNMA Form 216)


Rent Schedule Requested ? _____ Yes _____ No (FNMA Form 1007)


Amount Collected for Appraisal due on delivery  $_______________________


Amount COD for Appraisal at Inspection $___________________


Attached Documents:


Contract of Sale ____ Yes ____ No House Location Survey ____ Yes ____ No


Other: _____________________________________________________________


Contact for Access: ____________________________________________________


His and/or Her:


WK# ____________________ Cell# ______________________


Pgr# ____________________ Hm# _______________________




Office: 703-398-7026               Please check the fee schedule. Fees are due at delivery or inspection.

appreq.11/1/08 It is a good idea to follow up with a telephone call if You have sent an appraisal request.

If You are unsure of the current fee schedule, please call, fax, or email, and You will be sent one immediately.

Please send to our email address